It all starts thanks to the determination and skills of Antonino Pizzimenti. It is he who in 1953, with a family to maintain, decides that it is the right time to create a company of its own and creates a galvanic plant equipped with machinery at the vanguard that makes it the most important furniture manufacturer in Sicily. Towards the end of the 1960s, people grew the desire to have their own home, to furnish it with style and with the best of the market. To satisfy this desire in 1967, the factory was converted into a furniture factory that re-produced products of excellent quality. Thanks in 1968 he was involved by Italian institutions in the supply of furniture necessary for the reconstructed houses to the earthquake victims of various areas of the Sicilian region. This last job allows Antonino Pizzicati to start the definitive leap in quality. Buy in fact several plots of land in the upper area of ​​Palermo, just behind Monreale, and from there he expanded his business as an entrepreneur by producing and distributing furniture to all of Sicily, realizing their own show-rooms. Cavaliere Pizzimenti’s idea was to create a world where the client can find something elegant and personalized design at an unbeatable price.Idea that the children and then the grandchildren with the participation of collaborators qualified and with their own vision, have made their own and implement in the conduct their own businesses, just by the desire to continue the master’s dream, adapting everything to today’s times, creating various and show show rooms scattered throughout Sicily. The products are the most ‘varied, from classic Italian furniture, to the furniture of modern design, to the modern up to the creation of furniture on personalized projects from and with the client, in order to create something truly unique by studying meticulously all the various details the various lacquers that our experience and knowledge allows us to offer our customer.​